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Biography Minister Henri DJOMBO

Who is Henry DJOMBO? 

Henri DJOMBO is Minister of Forest Economy and Sustainable Development of Congo Brazzaville.

Born in 1952 in Enyellé (Likouala) in Congo, he studied at Leningrad former USSR. In the Congolese government since 1976, he worked at the Ministry of Water and Forests. Then he served as Ambassador of Congo in Bulgaria (1981-1988) and CEO of Sugarbush Congo (Suco) from 1989 to 1991.

Appointed first minister in 1980, close to President Denis Sassou Nguesso is, at 62, a dinosaur from the political life of Congo - Brazzaville.

At the head of the Congolese Ministry of Forest Economy since 1997, it is one of the initiators of the effort to preserve the forests of the Congo Basin. 

Novelist and playwright Henry DJOMBO is internationally recognized author of "On the coals," "The Undead", "The light of lost time", "Crossing", "Republic of Congo: fifty years of political life 1960-2010" "the cry of the forest" and "the Kinango election palaver."

« Writing is not my profession. I just write because I'm afraid of silence and solitude. I do not have many friends. Often disappointed by those I meet, I became pessimistic about the human race. » Henri DJOMBO.